A downloadable mapmaking game

Drums In The Deep is a solo or collaborative mapmaking game.

You lead an expeditionary party into the dark and mysterious Deep, a vast and uncharted network of caves, tunnels, and halls built into and underneath the Mountain.  In playing the game, you will draw a map of your expedition.

To play you need a deck of cards, a six-sided dice, and some way to draw your map, e.g. pencil and paper.


Drums in the Deep.pdf 4 MB


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Loving the game. I've posted about my adventure in the BGG "solitaire games on your table December" thread. Hope it'll inspire others to come and check Drums out. Link Here

I've added a simple success/maybe/maybe not/fail Oracle mechanic and some basic skills of different strengths to the characters in my game for my taste. Also rather than the whole expendition ending on d6 roll of 1, I'm going to have a catastrophe happening to one (or more) characters.

Good job, thank you.


I came here to download it after seeing your post! 

Thanks for coming to this place! Hope you enjoy the game as much as I am.

Thank you, and thanks for sharing the Professor's expedition!